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Past Headlines



While a few members were hanging around the station the guys decided to review some confined space operations and rigging. The members set up the tripod and a 4:1 system. The guys also reviewed stokes basket rigging and the LSP board. The members drilled for approx. 2 hours.


On November 23 at 1520 hours Co. 8 was alerted to Neighbors Pl. off of Bowie Rd. for the reported trailer fire. Engine 8-3, Tanker 8 and Chief 8A quickly responded. Upon arrival Chief 8A was assigned interior operations and Engine 8-3 was assigned to assist with extinguishment and checking for extension. T-8 staged on Bowie Rd. for water supply but was never used. Co. 8 units operated on the fireground for approx 1 hour before being released by command.



On Tuesday November 19 at 1200 hrs Co. 8 was alerted to the Blossom Point Proving grounds for the report of a brush fire. Engine 8-4 and Tanker 8 quickly responded. Engine 8-4 arrived to find a fast moving field fire. Chief 8A assumed operations and advised command (Chief 1) to start the second alarm. This brought several more brush units to the scene. After about 30 minutes or so the fire was contained and units began to work the hot spots. Units operated for approx 2 hours before returning to service.


On Saturday November 16 the department held it annual Installation of Officers at the station. This event is held yearly and the members are recognized for their achievements and dedication over the past year. Some of the awards that were given were as follows: First Place for responses was given to Captain Wally Danielson with over 350 responses for the year. Top Drill attendance was Captain Wally Danielson with over 30 drills for the year. And the Lorimer "Beans" Scott (Member of the Year) Award was given to Captain Wally Danielson for his unselfish dedication throughout the years. The members enjoyed food provided by Rita B's and entertainment by Rockin Roger DJ. Special thanks goes to Marlboro Co. 20 (PGFD) for providing coverage during this event so our members could have a good time and Dave McCormick for his bartending services. A good time was had by all and we look forward to another very successful year.


On November 13 at approx 1000 hrs Co. 8 was alerted to Poorhouse Rd. in the area of Graymar Ln. for the MVA. Squad 8 and Paramedic 8-9 responded and upon arriving on the scene found a 2 vehicle accident with one subject trapped. Squad 8 quickly made work of the extrication and passed the patient off to Medic 20 which requested a helicopter for the patient. Medic 8-9 handled the second patient and also requested the helicopter. This brought Engine 8-2 to the scene to set up the LZ. Both patients were flown to PGGH.


October 24, 2013 – Station 8 was alerted for a motor vehicle collision BLS on Poorhouse Road east of Station 8.  First arriving Safety 8 (Captain Burroughs) and Paramedic Ambulance 87 found a two-vehicle head-on collision with the single occupants of both vehicles entrapped.  Safety 8 established Pisgah Command and requested an extrication assignment.  PA-87 triaged the patients and determined both to be Category A Priority 2 and requested that both be medevaced.  Squad 8 (Captain Danielson) began extricating the most severely entrapped patient.

The extrication assignment brought Engine 211 (NSWC Stump Neck), Squad 7 (Potomac Heights), Ambulance-588 (Ironsides), Paramedic Ambulance 209 (NSWC Indian Head), Paramedic Ambulance 517 (Charles County) and EMS Duty 16A (Emergency Services).  Engine 211 assisted Squad 8 with their extrication while Squad 7 extricated the other patient.  PA-209 was assigned the EMS Group with PA-87, A-588, PA-517 and EMS Duty 16A.  Engine 42 (Nanjemoy) handled the landing zone at Poorhouse Road and Ripley Road.  After extrication, both patients were flown to a trauma center by MSP Trooper 7.



Five TDVFD members completed an off-road utility vehicle training course on October 19, 2013.  Captain Wally Danielson, Technician Steve Mott, Firefighters Mitch Burroughs and Mike Smith and EMT Tiffany Crawford participated in the 8 hour course conducted under the auspices of the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA).  Personnel from Charles County Emergency Services (CCES) and Newburg VRSFD (Company 14) also participated in the course.  They learned key risk factors associated with UTV operation and safe driving practices.  This was a great opportunity for our members to operate the Kawasaki Mule UTV that was recently donated to the Department by CCES.

The course was taught by personnel from CCES, Charles County Sherriff’s Office and TDVFD Captain Chuck Burroughs.  The instructors completed a four-day ROHVA train-the-trainer course earlier this year. 






The department would like to congratulate Mike Smith and his wife Stephanie on the birth of their twin boys Ethan and Evan. Both mom and the boys are doing great! Congratulations again Mike and Stephanie and Good Luck!!



The Officers and Members of the Tenth District Volunteer Fire Department regret to inform everyone of the passing of Life Member Marvin "Winston" Montgomery. Winston passed away on October 14, 2013 at his home in Newburg, Maryland. Winston joined our department in 1957 at the age of fourteen. He served in many capacities including Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain. He was also a Fire Dispatcher for Charles County serving over twenty five years. He earned his Life Member status with our department in 2005. Winston will be sorely missed by many.


Viewing will be held at our Station on Thursday October 17 from 3 PM to 7 PM. Fireman's Prayers will begin at 7 PM.












On September 20 at approx 1330 hrs. Co. 8 was alerted to Fantasia Pl. off of Mason Springs Rd. for the reported building fire. Engine 8-3 arrived within minutes and found a 20X20 shed well involved along with 2 autos. The crew from Engine 8-3 advanced a 300’ line to the fire and made quick work of the blaze. Engine 7-3 arrived and assisted with second auto fire and checking for extension into an adjacent structure. Battalion 7 (Grinder) had the command and Chief 8A (Gordon) had operations. Tower 9, Truck 11 and Engine 12 assisted with overhaul. Tankers 8 and 7 supplied the fire ground with water. Units operated for approx 1 hour before returning to service.





On Wednesday September 4, 2013 the members loaded up and headed south to Morgantown to visit one of our retired life members Winston Montgomery. Winston has been a member of the department for over 25 years and continued to serve our community until he became ill several years ago. The members took hotdogs, burgers and some other great food so we could go hang out, cookout and enjoy the beautiful weather with Winston. The members visited for several hours and a good time was had by all. Thanks to Company 14 for filling in while we made this trip.




9 June 2010:  On June 8th and June 9th, our department provided Fire Boat and EMS coverage for the annual Paralyzed Veterans Association Fishing Tournament held at Smallwood State Park.  We have provided coverage for this event for many years, and will continue to do so in years to come.  This is one way we can say “Thank You” to all of our veterans!



17 May 2013: Just after lunch time, the department was alerted for a report of a Motor Vehicle Collision with occupants trapped at the intersection of Hawthorne Road and Hunters Brooke Drive in Company 7’s area.  Rescue Squad 8, PA16-7, Ambulance 8-7, and Chief 8 responded.  Chief 8 arrived to find a 3 vehicle collision with three occupants trapped in one of the vehicles.  Rescue Squads 7 and 8 worked together to remove the three occupants from the vehicle.  The occupants were transported to nearby hospitals.  Units operated on the scene for approximately 40 minutes.  Chief 8 had the Hawthorne Road Command.



On April 17, 2013 the department was alerted to the 5500 block of Smallwood Church Rd. for the reported MVA subjects trapped. Rescue Squad 8, Chief 8, Chief 8A and Paramedic Ambulance 169 responded. While enroute communications advised the units that the patient was a possible priority 1 and possibly not breathing. Chief 8 arrived and confirmed one trapped and also not breathing. Paramedic Ambulance 169 arrived and pronounced the patient priority 4. The scene was turned over to the Police Department for accident reconstruction and Squad 8 stood by for lights. After the reconstruction was complete the crew from Squad 8 removed the victim from the vehicle utilizing the Hurst equipment. Units operated on the scene for approx 2 hours before returning to service. 



On April 9, 2013 at 0412 hrs. Co. 8 was alerted to 5635 Grinder Rd. for the reported greenhouses on fire. Engine 8-3, Tanker 8, Engine 8-4 and Chief 8A responded. Chief 8A arrived and found 2 greenhouses well involved. Engine 21-1 and Engine 8-4 arrived next and advanced attack  lines to both structures to extinguish the fire. Chief 8A established the command and Duty 8 had operations. Tanker 8 supplied the fire ground with water and Engine 8-3 supplied Engine 21-1 with water. Squad 7 provided lights to the fire ground and Engine 9-1 assisted with extinguishment. Crews operated for approx 2 hours before returning to service. FM 55 was on the scene investigating. 



Last month a major milestone was reached by our department. The treasurers paid off our mortgage in full! This has been a long time coming and it was a great day for our members and for the entire department. Some of the members that took part in signing the original document also took part in a ceremonial burning of the document. Thanks to all who took part in making this great day happen.  



On April 5 the members and their families gathered once again for our monthly family dinner at the firehouse. The members and family members enjoyed some NY Strip Steak (Provided by Gray’s Store), Potatoes, Fresh Salad and various deserts baked by the members. The food was provided by the department and a good time was had by all. Special thanks to the various members who helped prepare and organize the meal and to Gray’s Store for the NY Strip Steaks. We will see everyone again next month for our monthly gathering. Keep an eye out as the date of our next gathering will be posted soon!!


 2 April 2013:  At 1530 hours, a report of multiple barns on fire was dispatched at the Charles County Fairgrounds.  The initial assignment called for Rescue Squad 8.  Prior to leaving, radio contact was made with Chief 3 to inquire if he would like Engine 8-2 and Water Supply Unit 8 to respond for enhancement of water supply capability.  Chief 3 advised to bring everything.  Rescue Squad 8, Engine 8-2, Water Supply Unit 8, and Tanker 8 responded.  Units arrived and found multiple barns on fire with a large brush fire in the woods also.  Rescue Squad 8 was assigned to the North Side Division to assist with the extinguishment of the barn fires.  Chief 8 was assigned as the Water Supply Group Leader to coordinate the water supply for the entire fireground.  Engine 8-2 and Water Supply Unit 8 set up a Tanker Fill Site at the intersection of St. Mary’s Avenue and Frederick Avenue.  This site was initially used as the primary fill site for all tankers on the scene.  A second fill site was established adjacent to the first, and Water Supply Unit 8 coordinated all tanker fills.  Additionally, Brush 8-4 and Utility 8 with the ATV responded for support of the brush fire operation.  In total, our department provided approximately 51 man hours for this incident.  Tanker 8 supplied 8 loads of water (total of 28,000 gallons), and was one of a total of 12 Tankers operating on the incident.  While on this incident, our station was filled by Fairfax VA Engine 411 and Tanker 420.



On Friday March 9 at 1800 hrs, the members of Co. 8 and their families gathered at the station to have a family dinner. The menu consisted of Shrimp Scampi, Fresh Salad, Garlic Bread, drinks and a homemade Carrot Cake made by Susie Tanner. The food was prepared and cooked by Chef Delaney Matthews and was provided by the department free of charge. In total over 40 members and family members attended and a good time was had by all. Special thanks to Chef Matthews for an excellent meal and to the department for providing the food.












On Friday March 9 in the early morning hours around 0430 Rescue Squad 8 was alerted to the 7500 block of Marshall Corner Rd. for the reported structure fire. Safety 8 (Burroughs) as Battalion 8 was first arriving to find a storage shed with heavy fire showing and an attached garage exposure. Engine 11-3 arrived and made quick work of the fire. Rescue Squad 8 arrived and checked for extension utilizing saws and hooks. Chief 11 had the command and held all units for approx 1 hour.



The clocks spring forward 2am Sunday March 10th. Remember to change your smoke detector batteries and your clocks.











On Saturday February 16 Company 8 had a water supply drill at the station. Crews drilled on folding tank operations, fill site operations and dumpsite operations. Crews drilled for approx 2 hours. 




On February 12 at approx 2230 hrs. Co. 8 and surrounding companies were alerted to the 5300 Blk. of Stuckey Rd. for the house fire reported as subjects trapped. Engine 8-3, 8-2, T-8, Squad 8 and Chief 8A responded. First arriving Chief 7A reported heavy fire showing from sides “A” and “B”. Engine 8-3 and Chief 8A arrived next and stretched a line to side Aplha and attempted an interior attack but due to the structural integrity of the house being compromised all units and personnel were evacuated from the house and all operations went exterior. Chief 7 arrived and established the command and Chief 8A was assigned as Operations. Chief 11A had the water supply group. Tanker 8 and Engine 7-3 supplied 8-3 with water and Engine 4-2 was assigned to the fill site at Bridgemount Pl. o/o Mason Springs Rd and Squad 10 had the RIT group. Once the bulk of the fire was knocked down crews found the missing resident in the back bedroom and the FM and the Medical Examiner were called. One firefighter injury was reported and he was transported to the burn center in Washington D.C. and was treated and released. Command held Companies 8, 7 and 11 for overhaul. Units operated on the fireground for approx 6 hours. 


Responding Companies: Marbury VFD, Potomac Heights VFD, Bryans Road VFD, Indian Head VFD, Bel Alton VFD, NDW Stumpneck and Indian Head, Nanjemoy VFD and a special thanks to the Accokeek VFD for filling in at Co. 8 during the incident.     




It is with deep sadness and regret that we announce the passing of Life Member Wallace F. Danielson, Sr. on Friday, January 4, 2013. The arrangements are as follows:


Viewing: Tuesday, January 8, 2013, Tenth District Volunteer Fire Department, 7035 Poorhouse Rd. Indian Head, MD 20640, 1600 hrs to 1900 hrs Fireman’s Prayers @ 1900 hrs


Funeral Service: Wednesday, January 9, 2013, Tenth District Volunteer Fire Department, 7035 Poorhouse Rd. Indian Head, MD 20640 
Viewing: 1000 hrs, Service: 1100 hrs


Internment: Park Hill Cemetery Chicamuxen Rd. Marbury, MD


Repast: Tenth District Volunteer Fire Department following the internment


Mr. Danielson's family has requested donations be made in lieu of flowers to the Tenth District Volunteer Fire Department, P.O. Box 522, Marbury, MD 20658.






Santa will be making his way around town on his fire truck sleigh on Saturday, December 15th and Saturday, December 22. Click here for schedule. Please note all times are approximate. If you have any questions, please call the firehouse at 301-743-2080.




November 21, 2012:  Rescue Squad 8 responded to the 6900 block of Skyline Place in Company 11’s area for a working fire.  Upon arrival, Rescue Squad 8 controlled utilities, and was assigned Rapid Intervention.  The unit returned to service after approximately 1.5 hours.



November 14, 2012: Just before midnight, units were alerted for a collision near the intersection of Mason Springs Road and Port Tobacco Road.  Rescue Squad 8, Engine 8-2, PA8-9, and Chief 8 responded.  While en route, communications advised they had a report of an occupant trapped.  The assignment was upgraded to bring Rescue Engine 4-1 (Nanjemoy).  RS8, E8-2, and Chief 8 arrived to find a single vehicle on its roof with one occupant trapped.  The crews worked to stabilize the vehicle.  The doors on the driver side of the vehicle were removed to gain access to the patient.  The patient was removed from the vehicle and turned over to PA8-9 for treatment and transport.  RE4-1 handed the landing zone for Trooper 4.  Units cleared after approximately 30 minutes.



November 7, 2012:  At 2030 hours, units were dispatched to the 7000 block of Hawthorne Road for a report of a collision with entrapment.  Units arrived and found a two vehicle collision with three total occupants trapped in both vehicles.  Crews from Rescue Squad 8 and Rescue Engine 13 (LaPlata) worked together to extricate the occupants. 



November 2, 2012:  This afternoon, due to a working fire in Oxon Hill, the station was alerted for a transfer to Prince Georges County Station 25.  Engine 8-3 responded, and left an additional crew in quarters.  While en route, communications advised to divert to Station 32.  After standing by at Station 32 for approximately 1.5 hours, communications then advised to transfer to Station 29.  The engine was then dispatched on two local alarms (wires and AFA).  After standing by for approximately 1.5 hours, the unit was returned to service.



October 28, 2012: Utility 8 and ATV 16-A (CCDES, operated by TDVFD) assisted the Arlington, VA Fire Department during the Marine Corp. Marathon.  The asset was requested for standby during this large scale event.  The crew stood-by for approximately 10 hours for this event.



October 28, 2012: Units were dispatched to the 7500 block of Shirley Blvd. in Port Tobacco for a report of a house fire.  Engine 8-3, Tanker 8, and Chief 8-B (Graff) responded.  Units from LaPlata VFD (Co. 1) arrived to find the structure with heavy fire involvement.  Engine 8-3 arrived and picked up Engine 12’s (LaPlata) line.  The crew then worked to ensure adequate water supply was secured by setting up a folding tank and establishing a draft.  Engine 11 (LaPlata) then arrived and laid a secondary supply line down to the Port Tobacco River.  Once a draft was established at the River, Engine 8-3 acted as a relay pumper.  The crew assisted with extinguishment and overhaul.



October 25, 2012:  Units were dispatched just past 2230 hours for a report of a brush fire in the 2200 Block of Port Tobacco Road.  Brush 8-4 responded.  Units from Nanjemoy VFD (Co. 4) arrived and advised that the brush fire had extended into a mobile home and requested the assignment to be upgraded.  Engine 8-2 and Tanker 8 responded.  Brush 8-4 assisted with extinguishment.  Engine 8-2 set up a water supply from a local dry-hydrant.  Tanker 8 supplied water for the suppression.  Units operated for approximately 1.5 hours.



October 14, 2012: This weekend, our department, along with numerous other departments around the county provided coverage for the General Smallwood Triathlon.  The triathlon organizers ran three events between Saturday and Sunday, and had nearly 800 total racers.  The departments provided boat support during the swim, and ground-based EMS support for the bike and run.  The departments that assisted are as follows:  Hughesville VFD (Co. 2), Waldorf VFD (EMS 12), Benedict VFD (Co. 5), Potomac Heights VFD (Co. 7), Charles County Dive Rescue (Co. 13), Newburg VFDRS (Co. 14), Ironsides VRS (Co. 58), and Charles County DES (Co. 16).  We would like to thank all participating companies for a successful event.



October 7, 2012:  Just after 2330 hours, Company 8 was alerted for a motor vehicle collision in the 6900 block of Hawthorne Road.  Rescue Squad 8, Engine 8-3, Paramedic Ambulance 8-9, and Chief 8 responded.  While en route, Communications advised that they received reports of an unconscious patient trapped in the vehicle.  The assignment was upgraded, and Rescue Squad 7 and Ambulance 7-8 also responded.  Units from company 8 arrived to find a single vehicle with extensive damage on the driver’s side resting against a broken utility pole.  The patient was confirmed to be trapped in the vehicle.  The crews from Rescue Squad 8 and Engine 8-3 worked to remove both doors and the “B” post on the passenger side of the vehicle.  The patient was then removed from the vehicle, and handed over to EMS for transport.  Units cleared after approximately 30 minutes.  Chief 8 had the Hawthorne Road Command.

Tenth District Volunteer Fire Department Open House
Saturday, October 13th


Learn more about fire prevention

Meet your local firefighters

Blood pressure screening

Pickup cool prizes and brochures

Free food

Meet Sparky


2006 International/ Medtec Ambulance
Contact Wally Danielson at wfd8box@yahoo.com for more information.










1 August 2012:  Just before 1900 hours, units were alerted for a motor vehicle collision with entrapment near the intersection of Mason Springs Road and Gilwell Place in Company 7’s area.  Rescue 8, Paramedic Ambulance 167 (from 8), and Chief 8 responded.  Units arrived to find a vehicle overturned with one occupant trapped.  Crews from Rescue 8 and Rescue Squad 7 worked to stabilize the vehicle, as well as a utility pole that was compromised in the collision.  Crews then removed the doors and “B” post to free the occupant.  The patient was handed over to awaiting EMS crews for evaluation and transport.  Crews operated for approximately 25 minutes.  Chief 8 had the Mason Springs Road Command.





1 August 2012:  The department would like to congratulate Ann Sires on her recent accomplishment.  She completed the Maryland EMT-Basic program recently.  She was part of the accelerated course that runs for just over a month.  Thanks for all your hard work!



5 July 2012:  The department would like to congratulate Emmitt Newman.  Emmitt has been working on his Associates of Applied Science Degree in Fire Science through the College of Southern Maryland.  Emmitt recently completed all of his courses and earned his degree.  This was completed while maintaining an active status as a volunteer, as well as working full time for the Naval District of Washington Fire Department.



Also, Charles “Mitch” Burroughs Jr. recently completed the Firefighter 1 program through the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute.  Mitch attended the accelerated program, which requires attendance six days per week, for approximately eight hours daily, and lasts for three weeks.  Congratulations to both on your accomplishments.



29 June 2012:  Shortly after 2200 hours, a storm swept through the region that kept many departments busy.  This storm was classified by the National Weather Service as a “derecho.”  This storm produced straight-line winds that were measured up to 90 MPH.  The storm blasted the entire region.  Throughout the night, and most of the following day, our department responded to approximately 20 incidents directly related to this storm.



5 June 2012:  Effective June 1, 2012, there is an Open Air Burn Ban for all of Charles County.  This ban will be in effect until August 31, 2012, and may be extended if needed.  Any inquiries on this ban should directed to the Environmental Health Section of the Charles County Health Department.



26 February 2012:  The Airboat was dispatched to assist Company 14 (Newburg) with a kayak that was stranded in the marsh on the Wicomico River near Allens Fresh. Due to an extremely low tide, the boat had to be launched from Wicomico Shores in St. Marys County. The crew made their way up the river to find the person and his kayak in an extremely muddy area and unable to move due to the loose mud. The Airboat crew made access to the person and removed him and his kayak from the marsh. He was taken to shore so crews from Co. 14 could evaluate him further.  



25 February 2012:  Just after 1630 hours, units from Station 8 and surrounding companies were alerted to the 8300 block of Poorhouse Road for a reported house fire.  Engine 8-3, Rescue 8, Tanker 8, Brush 8-4, Paramedic Ambulance 8-9, and Chief 8B responded.  Engine 8-3 arrived to find a single-story, single family dwelling with smoke showing.  The occupant of the house reported there was fire in the basement.  Engine 8-3’s crew made entry with a handline through the basement entrance to extinguish the fire.  The crew from Engine 7-3(Potomac Heights) advanced a backup line to the top of the stairwell to control fire spread.  Rescue 8’s crew performed horizontal and vertical ventilation.  Rescue Squad 10 (Bel Alton) and Truck 1 (LaPlata) performed searches and controlled utilities.  Minor extension was found in the pipe-chases to the first floor.  Units operated for just over two hours.  Chief 10 had the command, Chief 8 had the Basement Division, and Chief 7B had Division 1.  All photos courtesy of Paramedic Jason Hardesty.




On Saturday January 28, 2012 the guys were hanging around and decided to have an SCBA drill. The members set up a maze and practiced following hoselines. Incorporated in the drill was also a reduced profile obstacle and several other obstacles that the members had to negotiate over, under and thru. The guys drilled for approx 2 hours.












On Jan 7, 2012 at 1430 hrs Co. 8 was alerted for the working shed fire at 6381 Nelson Dr. in the Ripley section of our first due. Engine 8-3, Tanker 8, Safety 8 and Chief 8A responded within minutes. First arriving Safety 8 (Burroughs) found a 20 x 15 shed with heavy fire showing. Engine 8-3 arrived seconds later and stretched a 300 ft. 1 ¾ in. attack line and began extinguishing the fire.  Chief 8A arrived and established the Ripley command and assigned Safety 8 as operations and assigned Engine 9-1 water supply @ Hunters Brooke sub-division. Engine 7-3 and Truck 1 arrived and began assisting 8-3’s crew with extinguishment and checking for extension. Tanker 8 and Tanker 7 supplied the fireground with water and Tanker 8 filled at the fill site once. Units operated on the fireground for approx 2 hours before returning to service. 



15 December 2011:  At 1807 hours, Fireboat 8 was alerted to the Potomac River near the boat ramps at the Indian Head Naval Facility for a report of an overturned boat with people in the water.  MSU 8 and Fireboat 8 responded.  Upon arrival, one person was located in the water by Fireboat 7 (Potomac Heights).  Fireboat 8 assisted in the search for the missing boater.  The search lasted several hours, and was later terminated by command.  Our condolences go out to the family of the lost boater.



4 November 2011:  This Sunday marks the end of daylight savings time.  Please remember when you change your clocks, you simultaneously change your smoke detector batteries.  According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), almost two-thirds of home fire deaths in the United States in 2005-2009 resulted from fires in homes with no smoke alarms, or no working smoke alarms.  Research shows that when smoke alarms fail to operate, it is usually because batteries are missing or dead.  Almost one-quarter of the smoke alarm failures was due to dead batteries.  The average 9-volt battery can be purchased at any local store for a couple dollars.  This is a small price to pay for your family’s safety.



We invite you to come out and support our fund raiser that will benefit Life Member Delaney Matthews on Saturday, October 22 from 7PM until midnight at our firehouse. Entertainment will be provided by the bands "The Wise Guys" and "Vendetta" along with "Just Jeff the DJ". There will be a $15.00 charge per person collected at the door. In addition, we will have food for sale, door prizes, a 50/50 raffle and a Corn Hole Tournament ( 250.00 dollars winner takes all). In early summer, Delaney was diagnosed with Lymphoma after a long stay in the hospital. Recently, he was told by his insurance company that they would not cover the surgery that he needs to remove the tumor. We are holding this event to assist him in getting the treatment that he very much needs to continue with his life. Delaney joined our department in 1979 at the age of 16. He was awarded his Life Membership in 2000 and was named the Member of the Year for 2008. He is currently serving as our Chief Engineer, a position he has held for the last six years. Delaney has dedicated a large part of his life to helping others, now its our time to help him.  


If you cant make it to the benefit but would like to donate you can use one of the following options:


Send checks to: 

Firefighters for Delaney

11385 Berry Road

Waldorf, MD 20603


 or you can use Paypal, the Email to donate to is: firefightersfordelaney@gmail.com or the code FFD it is linked to PNC bank.



On October 5, 2011 Co. 8 was alerted to the 4400 block of Chicamuxen Rd. for the Hazmat Spill. Engine 8-3, 8-2, PA 8-9, and Safety 8 responded on the call. Engine 8-3 arrived and found approx 20-30 gallons of #2 diesel fuel that had leak from one of the dispensing pumps. Crew from Engine 8-3 contained the spill and awaited the arrival of Hazmat Team 16. Chief 8A had the command and held the units from 8 and 16. Units operated for approx 30 minutes before returning to service. 



The department would like to congratulate Lt. Mike King and his wife Mandy on the birth of their daughter, Addison Lea.  Baby Addison was born on October 5, 2011 at 6:19 PM. 


September 13 - The construction of the fire boat is complete. The committee will be heading up to New Hampshire next week to do the final inspection and bring it back.  


On September 9, 2011 @ 1322 hrs Co. 8 was alerted to Sweden Point Marina for the Hazmat Spill in the Mattawoman Creek. Engine 8-3, Rescue 8, BSU 8, Inflatable 8, Medic 8 and Chief 8B responded. Chief 8B arrived first to find a large house boat that had sank at the floating pier during the recent storm and was leaking fluids into the creek. Chief 8B established the Sweden Point Command and assigned Batt. Chief 7 (Grinder) as operations. A game plan was established with the help of Special Unit 9 and the Hazmat duty officer from 16 (Thompson), so Boat 7 was called upon to help deploy absorbent pads inside the floating pier to help contain the spill. Command called for MDE and DNR to respond along with Potomac Marine. Units operated for approx 90 minutes before returning to service. The scene was turned over to MDE, DNR, and Potomac Marine.



On September 7th and 8th a storm passed thru the Southern Maryland area and dumped numerous inches of rain on the area. Company 8 after just recovering from Hurricane Irene again called on the volunteers to help staff the station for this period of time. During this period units from Company 8 responded to over 30 runs including 18 swift water incidents throughout the county, numerous trees down, and one house collapse in Co. 7’s area. Company 8 maintained staffing throughout the entire storm to include 5 swift water technicians. Again many thanks to the volunteers who helped staff the apparatus during this event.



On Saturday August 27, 2011 at approx 1200 hours members gathered at the station to start staffing the apparatus for the upcoming hurricane. At approx 1500 hours the company began to run storm related incidents and it continued thru the night and into the next afternoon. When all was said and done and the storm had passed thru Company 8 finished with 40 calls including 2 trees on residences, several wires down, copious amounts of trees in the road, a building fire, and the swift water team was alerted to assist with a person who had fallen down a cliff in Co. 14’ s area. During this period the members fully staffed 6 pieces of apparatus including a duty chief (Capt. Graff) with a total of 22 members present. During the down times between runs all members participated in a corn hole tournament and enjoyed some good chow provided by the department. Many thanks to all members who showed up and helped out. 




On Saturday August 20, 2011 Co. 8 conducted a swift water rescue drill at our station. The drill consisted of setting up a high line operation utilizing the tripod as a change of direction and a 3:1 Z rig to tension the line. Members drilled for approx 3 hours.













August 6- The fire boat is out of the paint shop and back at Viking Welding for completion. The committee should be heading up to do the final inspection within the next few weeks.






Saturday April 30 - The company hosted a house burning drill with Potomac Heights at an acquired structure on Bowman Place in Pisgah. Members drilled on fire attack techniques.


































The department would like to congratulate Sergeant Nick Genevie and Firefighter Bruce Kaufman for completing the sixty hour Fire Officer I course that was taught by the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute.    



Our members have been receiving training on the new Air Boat over the last month. The boat was delivered in late February and we anticipate that it will be placed in service by the middle of April.




On Feb. 23, 2011 @ 2231 hrs Co. 8 was alerted to 3950 Boozer Pl. for the reported basement fire.  Engine 8-3, Tanker 8, Rescue 8, Acting Chief 8 (Hudson), Acting Chief 8A (Gordon) all responded within minutes.  Chief 8,  Chief 8A, and Engine 8-3 arrived on the scene to find a one story, single family dwelling with nothing evident.  Upon further investigation units found that they had fire in a basement bedroom. Engine 8-3 advanced the attack line to the basement and quickly extinguished the fire which was confined to the bed. Squad 7 performed the primary search and secured the utilities. Engine 21-1 (Stumpneck) picked up 8-3’s line and supplied water to the fireground. Command held units from 8, Squad 7, and Engine 21-1 to assist with ventilation and perform some minor overhaul. Units operated on the fireground for approx 2 hours.   Chief 8 had the Boozer Pl. command and Chief 8A had basement division. The state Fire  Marshal’s office also responded and investigated.



February 18 at 1425- A citizen came to the station and reported an automobile on fire on Mason Springs Road at Powerline Place. With a crew in quarters, Engine 8-2 responded quickly and found a vehicle with the motor compartment well involved. The crew advanced the trash line to knock down the fire. There were no injuries and the engine returned to service in about 20 minutes.  






February 19 - Unusually high winds and very low humidity combined to cause numerous fires across the region. Company 8 members were kept busy throughout the afternoon responding to several large brush fires.

Utility 8 and ATV-16A (Matthews) operated on the scene of a multiple alarm brush fire near PEPCO’s Chalk Point Generating Station in Prince Georges County for nearly 6 hours. After clearing this incident, they were assigned to another multiple alarm brush fire in the Bryantown area of Charles County where they operated for several more hours.

B-8 responded to a brush fire on Maryland Point Road and helped Company 4 (Nanjemoy) extinguish a large brush fire.

Company 8 was alerted for a brush fire in the 7400 block of Mason Springs Road. Engine 82, Engine 84, B-8, Tanker 8 and Safety 8 responded with 9 personnel, along with Engine 74 (Potomac Heights). Units found a rapidly moving wind-driven fire in the woods that was heading toward a residence. Safety 8 (Burroughs) established Pisgah Command and requested a second alarm, which eventually brought four additional brush units, an engine and a tanker from Indian Head, Nanjemoy and Potomac Heights. Engine 84 (B. Mott) was assigned West Division with three brush units and Engine 74 (Lucas) was assigned East Division with three brush units and two engines. A change in wind direction caused embers to start another fire 100 yards into the woods on the opposite side of the road. East Division was reassigned to this fire while West Division mopped up the original fire. As units were hitting hot spots, B-8 and B-7 were released to respond to another brush fire in Glymont.  Thanks to our administrative members for providing refreshments on the scene.



February 19 - The committee chairperson (Lt. Mike King) made a stop by Cocoa Beach to check on the progress of the boat. The boat is just about finished. Mike participated in the first launch of the boat and operated it in the St. Johns River. There were no problems and the remainder of the committee will be heading down on Tuesday to pick it up. 





February 17 at 1212 - Brush 8-4, Brush 8 and the Tanker responded with six members to assist Nanjemoy with a fast moving field and woods fire on Nanjemoy Creek Place in the Riverside area of their first due. Units operated at the fire for about two hours. The fire consumed about three acres and was hard to bring under control due to the high winds the area was experiencing. Duty 4 (Arbogast) had command of the blaze.



February 15 at 2238- The box assignment was dispatched for a house on fire in the area of 9635 Poorhouse Road in the Port Tobacco area of our first due. Engine 8-3 responded quickly with six members followed close behind by Tanker 8, Rescue 8 and the Chief. Chief 1 (Moore) was first arriving and advised it was a two story balloon frame house well involved and it would be an exterior attack. First arriving Engine 8-3 advanced an attack line and began to attack the blaze. Engine 1-1 (La Plata) arrived next and established a water supply to Engine 8-3. Their crew ran an additional line to assist 8-3's crew. Chief 7A (Grinder) was assigned as the Water Supply Officer. Chief 1A (Gilroy) was assigned as the Fill Site Officer and had Engine 1-2 and Nanjemoy Engine 4-1 working with him to fill the five tankers that were shuttling water. Tower 9 used the master stream on the platform to overhaul the bulk of the house. Chief 8A (Hudson) and Chief 1 had Operations, Chief 11A (Montgomery) as Battalion 11 had Safety, Safety 8 (Burroughs) had Accountability and Chief 8 (Danielson) had the Poorhouse Road Command. Units were held for several hours moping up. Company 8 units cleared the scene at 0308.


Units on scene - Engine 8-3, Tanker 8, Rescue 8, Chief 8, Chief 8A and Safety 8. Ee 1-1, 1-2, Tanker 1, Chief 1 and Chief 1A, Engine 4-1 and Tanker 4, Potomac Heights Engine 7-3, Tanker 7 and Chief 7A, Bryans Road Truck 11, Chief 11A, Indian Head Tower 9, Bel Alton Squad 10 and Tanker 10 and La Plata EMS PA 51-7.


Thanks to ES 47 (Joe Summers) who provided refreshments to the crews and to Bryans Road Engine 11-2 for standing by at our station.




February 7 - Engine 8-3 and Tanker 8 responded to Rulby Place in Nanjemoy for a fire in the attic of a one story single family dwelling. First arriving Nanjemoy  Engine 4-2 advised they had smoke showing from the soffits of the house. Engine 8-3 arrived shortly after with a crew of four and ran a back up line off of Engine 4-2 and hooked some ceiling down to expose the fire. E 8-3 also picked up E 4-2's supply line and Tanker 8 supplied E 8-3. Units returned back to Pisgah at little past midnight.   



February 5 - At 2039, the assignment was transmitted for a trailer on fire with possible extension to other trailers on Oreta Lane in the Marshall Hall section of Bryans Road's first due. Engine 8-3 responded with four members. Chief 8B (Gordon) went as the West Side Chief. Dispatched as the fourth due engine, Engine 8-3 arrived  second due and picked up Bryans Road Engine 11-2 's supply line. The crew assisted with overhaul of the trailer and worked in an addition to the trailer. Chief 8B was assigned as the Water Supply Officer and worked with Waldorf Engine 12-1 to establish a fill site for the tankers. Units operated on the scene for about two hours. 



January 25 - The Air Boat committee went to sunny Cocoa Beach, Florida to look at the progress on the new boat. The project is coming along great and we expect to go back down for the final inspection the week of February 21st. Check back

after that for an update.




Saturday January 15 - The Swift Water/Ice Rescue Team (County Volunteer Dive Rescue-Company 13 and 8) and the High Angle Team ( Waldorf- Company 3 and 12) drilled together at Sweden Point Marina today. This was the first drill that both teams have had since the start of the Special Operations program. The Special Operations Team consists of four rescue functions and are spread throughout the Charles County Volunteer Firemens Association. These functions consist of Water/Ice Rescue (Benedict, Charles County Dive Rescue and our department), Confined Space Rescue (Potomac Heights), High Angle Rescue (Waldorf) and Collapse/Trench Rescue (La Plata). The Water Rescue and High Angle Teams will be getting together each quarter for a drill such as this one. Both of the teams assist each other as much of the work involves ropes for each type of rescue. The drill started at 0900 and finished up around 1400. We want to thank our auxiliary members for preparing a delicious lunch for us back at the station.



January 19 at 1334- Communications dispatched a brush fire in the 5100 block of Bicknell Road in Marbury. When Chief 8B went enroute, Communications advised him that they were filling out the assignment for a house on fire at that address. Brush 8-4 and Tanker 8 responded with four members (due to the original dispatch being a brush fire). First arriving Chief 8Badvised he had a working fire. The crew from 8-4 advanced the 1.5" attack line and a second line was advanced from Tanker 8. There was moderate extension to the house. Chief 8 arrived and established the Marbury Command. He had E 7-3 (The Heights) check the exposure for extension and run a line off of Engine 8-2. The fire in the 10 X 30 shed was knocked down quickly. Command held Companies 8, 7, Tower 9, Truck and Tanker 11. Chief 8B had Operations, Battalion 7 (Chief 7B) had the Exposure Group and Chief 8A had Water Supply. NSWC Engine 21-1 established a water supply at the dry hydrant located near Grays Store on Marbury Run Road. The cause of the blaze was determined to be a lamp that was being used to keep several animals warm in the shed. Units cleared at 1500.   





January 15 at 1037 - Just as the Special Operations Drill (ice drill) with Companies 3/12 (Waldorf) and 13 (County Volunteer Dive Team) was getting underway, the assignment was dispatched for the house fire in the 2700 block of Butterfly Place in the Chicamuxen section of our first due. Engine 8-3, Tanker 8, the Rescue and the Paramedic Ambulance responded immediately from the drill at Sweden Point. Rescue Squad 3 (at the drill) also responded. First arriving Engine 8-3 and 21-1 (Navy Base) found nothing showing from the two story house.


The crew from E 8-3 ran the 200' line and 21-1's crew ran a back up line from E 8-3. Crews encountered a moderate smoke condition on the second floor and found a pile of clothes burning in a bedroom. The fire was quickly extinguished by 8-3's lineman. RS 3 arrived shortly after E 8-3 and provided a primary search along with ventilation. Engine 8-2 arrived and was assigned as the RIT. Chief 8A had the Attack Group. Chicamuxen Command (Safety 8) held the units from 8, 21 and 3 for a short time. The cause of the accidental fire was a lamp that came in contact with clothing.  



January 10 - The company went to Sweden Point Marina to take advantage of the ice conditions to practice ice rescue skills and techniques. On February 7th, we sponsored an Ice Rescue Technician course at the station. Due to no ice, props were used for the practical portion of the class. Members from our department along with members from the Bel Alton, Hughesville and Bryans Road departments participated in the 8 hour course. With the six members having completed this class, it brings our number of certified Ice Rescue Techs to twenty seven in our department. We would like to thank the instructors Rich Takacs and Tommy Smith for another outstanding class. This is the fourth year that we have sponsored this training.



January 8 at 0913 - Communications dispatched the assignment for an auto accident with one trapped in the 4600 block of Smallwood Church Road in the Ironsides area of our first due. First arriving CCES member Chris Thompson (Car1607) advised that it was a single vehicle accident with the vehicle on its side with one person still in the vehicle. The Rescue, Brush 8-4, PA 8-9 and the Chief responded. The crew of the Rescue utilized the front winch to do a tie back system to stabilize the vehicle. Rescue Squad 7 (Potomac Heights) placed their rescue struts on the opposite side of the vehicle to assist with the stabilization. Crews used the cutters and numerous sawzalls to remove the roof of the pick up truck. Engine 21-1 (Stump Neck Naval Base) provide a protection handline. The patient was removed and loaded into Ambulance 58-8 (Ironsides) for transport to an area hospital with non life threatening injuries. 




December 29 at 1455 - The Rescue and the Paramedic Ambulance responded to the 9200 block of Ironsides Road in Nanjemoy for a motor vehicle accident with one trapped. First arriving Duty 8 (Captain Mott) advised that there was a vehicle into a tree with one person trapped. Upon arrival of Rescue 8, the members assisted the crew of Rescue Engine 4-2 (Nanjemoy) with the extrication of the patient using the hydraulic tools and various hand tools from the Rescue. The victim was freed within ten minutes and the crew of the Paramedic Ambulance provided ALS care. Captain Mott established the Ironsides Road Command and Sergeant Mott had the Extrication Group.